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Hi, I'm Ben Stenglein, a 3D Modeler holding a degree in media production from Grand Valley State University.

Originally from West Michigan, I find joy in being out on Lake Michigan, playing in sports leagues, and spending time with friends and family.

In my professional journey, I've gained expertise in modeling a variety of products, including medical equipment and computer components. My specialization lies in architectural visualization, where I excel at crafting lifelike representations of potential buildings and homes within 3D environments.



GR in XR combines GVSU technology, creative learning for a futuristic view of downtown Grand Rapids

By: Peg West


GVSU showcases tech-innovative futureEDlab, designed to prepare future leaders, redefine education

By: Peg West

Executive Associate for Presidential Initiatives, GVSU

Elizabeth Doyle

Ben Stenglein was an invaluable asset to the launch of a presidential initiative focused on student-led technological innovation, consistently demonstrating exceptional communication skills, unwavering reliability, and a strong commitment to excellence in all tasks undertaken. His dedication and professionalism greatly contributed to the success of our inaugural projects, and we look forward to the impact he will make in his future endeavors.

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