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Medical Procedures: Renders and Animations

Project type

3D Modeling & Animation

(This project is still under way)

For this project, I was engaged by a medical company to create detailed 3D models of human anatomy and specialized equipment, aiming to visually depict their medical procedures for online marketing via social media. This endeavor demanded substantial time and meticulous attention to detail.

Initially, I immersed myself in comprehensive research to gain a profound understanding of human anatomy, the intricacies of the medical equipment, and the procedures performed by the medical professionals. This knowledge was crucial for accurately representing their work.

The modeling phase involved the meticulous recreation of the lower half of the human body, including the intricate arterial systems. Additionally, I meticulously modeled the specialized equipment used in these procedures.

Moving forward, the next phase of this project will involve animating these models to vividly illustrate the surgical procedures conducted by the medical professionals.

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